The frigid Canadian winters have made hydronic heating systems increasingly popular in homes across the country. These systems can increase your home comfort and reduce your carbon footprint, but they must be installed and maintained properly. Ensure your hydronic heating system remains energy-efficient by following these simple efficiency tips.

Installation Tips for Efficiency
Before we get into the details, our number one tip for homeowners to maximize the efficiency of their hydronic heating system is to have it installed by reputable licensed technicians.

  • Size: Hydronic systems are made up of these general components. Boilers, circulators, pumps, convectors like radiators, and underfloor tubing, with all of the components needing to be compatible and appropriately sized. For example, a bigger boiler does not mean it’s better, if it’s too large, it will cycle too frequently, waste energy, and be subject to unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Application: When using hydronic heating systems for heated flooring, both you and the technician must understand what results you are working towards. You can have heated floors for comfort purposes, or heated floors that work to heat your entire home, but the setup and temperature controls will be different for each option to optimize efficiency.
  • Setup: Using modern and efficient piping practices can reduce the amount of gas your unit needs to generate heat and increase its efficiency. It should also be noted that upgrading to a modern energy efficient boiler can reduce your energy usage by 10% – 15% on average.

Maintenance Tips for Efficiency
Ultimately, the only hydronic heating system tip we have for homeowners when it comes to maintenance is to have a professional maintain and tune-up your system at least once a year. Boilers used to be built to be indestructible, but they were also unreliable and inefficient. Modern boilers are compact, efficient, and high-tech, and although they are built to last, they require regular maintenance to ensure they’re running efficiently. A certified technician can clean your system, calibrate it, and adjust it to ensure the system doesn’t become damaged or leave you without heat in the middle of winter.

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